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Creature In The Cave

Everyone is on a journey of self-understanding, and the process is like exploring a mysterious cave. We gradually step forward, approaching the unknown depths. Through its organic-like expansion and contraction, slow deformation, and intermittent changes in light and darkness, Creature In The Cave gives out unceasing light and shadow as if breathing in a cave-like environment. As the viewers walk around the space and gaze at the ever-changing light from the work, their journeys of self-consciousness exploration and perception hence begin.

2024 / Kinetic Art / 110x130x160 cm / LED, Motor, Plastics, Metal

Production|Chen-An LEE

Mechanical Design and Integration | Chen-An LEE

Control System Design and Integration | Po-Ching CHOU

Hanging System Design and Fabrication | Kai-Chi HUANG

Collaborative Production | FENG YING IRON MATERIALS CO., LTD.

 Photo Credit: FIXER Photographic Studio

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