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This artwork is inspired by the fundamental composition and growth structure of natural organisms. Its purpose is to use human-made technology as a unit of biological growth and activity mechanisms, demonstrating collective behavior and representing the uncertainty and biological form of both inorganic nature and organic behavior.

The piece seeks to create new species in an extraterrestrial environment, composed of two distinct mechanisms: one-half mechanical organization and the other half soft inflatable tissue. The predatory tentacles, reminiscent of coral, are presented through mechanical linkages, while the organic movement of the leaf blades opening and closing is conveyed with the soft skin of the inflatable organs and airways. Various sensors capture environmental information to create biomimetic collective interaction, with the ultimate goal of generating interactive extraterrestrial environments.

2024 / Kinetic Art / 180x180x160 cm / LED, Motor, Plastics, Metal

This artwork was collectively completed by members of the Architectural Informatics Lab at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University's Graduate Institute of Architecture. 

Project Lead:
Associate Professor June-Hao Hou


Team Members (in alphabetical order by chinese surname):
Yun-Chen Lee
Cnen-An Lee
Po-Ching Chou
Hsin Chen
Pan-Pan Shiung

 Photo Credit: Po-Ching Chou, Hsin Chen

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