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Euterpe - Echoes Of All The Flowers

<Euterpe - Echoes Of All The Flowers> is a series of computational geometric art presented in Augmented Reality media. Those works are extended from the ten songs in "Little Flower Project 2022 - Re: Echoes Of All The Flowers". A piece of audio from each song is extracted, and the information is analyzed and transformed with digital algorithms created by the artist, and flowers are derived from sound frequencies, and tie it into a bouquet of sound with the ups and downs of the song.


Music is made by combining sounds, like a bouquet of many flowers. These projects use digital algorithms to create geometry like the appearance of natural creatures. The emotion and frequency of songs are used as the genetic sequence of species, and they are infinitely derived and reduced through computer algorithms, constantly approaching the limit of computing, to evolved flowers that do not exist in this world. Through mobile devices throughout the exhibition venue, viewers can discover the "Sound Flower" that corresponds to the song and does not exist in reality, which appears in the space like an echo.

2022 / Mixed Media Art / Dimensions Variable / Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Team: Light Generation Technology

Augmented Reality in the Exhibition / Photo Credit: Alien Art Centre

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